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Frequently Asked Questions
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01. What exactly does Mr. Sandless do?

02. What kind of finish do you use?

03. How long does it last?

04. My floor has different shades. Can you blend these?

05. Can you refinish a waxed floor?

06. I've used an acrylic product I bought online.  Can you still refinish my floors?

07. I have paint splatters & spills on my floor.  Can you remove the paint?

08. I'm considering pulling up my carpets. Any suggestions?

09. How long does it take?

10. How durable is your finish?

11. What can Mr. Sandless do with pet stains?

12. Can I change the color of my floor?

13. Can Mr. Sandless fix gaps in my floor boards?

14. I have an “engineered” floor and another laminate floor.  Can you refinish these?

15. We were told our floors cannot be sanded again.  Is that true?

16. We have several spots from various spills/etc on our floor.  Will they come out?


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